I'M BACK!!....
2002-08-09 10:21:31 ET

Ok. I know you all have probablt not have missed me at all. But I am back a day late, I know I know. Ok. Here was my week.
Monday: Got ready went to AJs. Had to drive down in a storm, my dad made me. Got there arounbd 1pm. We hung out.Walked around a few times that day to smoke a cig. Watched a movie. ate food. Had sex, eh, 3 times I think. Talked, went to bed.
Tuesday: AJ woke me up in the morning by kissing me.(hehe) We ate poptarts for breakfest. Went to his friend Tonys for a bit. Went home, ate dinner with the family. Hung out.. walked around a few times that day to smoke a cig. Had sex, eh 2 times?. Talked. Went to bed.
Wensday: AJ came in a woke me up with a kiss agian at 4 AM . Got ready. Left with him, his mom, dad , lil bro, and his mom and dads friends Mike and Judy to head to Kings Diminion. Slept here and there on the way down. Got there @ 9:30am. Went to the hotel. Then went to Kings Diminion at 10am. Met AJs sister Heather there at 10. Went in. Road roller coasters and shit like that. AJs a puss and is afriad of shrinkage or somthing like that so wouldn't go to the water part with me and heather. Me and her road some fuckin awesome water slides and almost drowned in the wave pool. I got a airbrush tattoo, but the girl did it wrong and it washed off the next day, (stupid cunt). Went to hotel, AJ and I went outside smoked. went to bed.
Thursday: AJ and I woke up at 9am. Everyone was already gone out of the room down in the lobby eating. We got dressed, ate, got our shit together. Started home around 10am. Got home around 2pm. I slept most of the way home so I dunno if anything interesting happened cause I was sick alomst the whole way home. Ok so we were home. Walked around a few times to smoke a cig. Had sex eh, 3 times that day. Watched a movie. Talked alot. Went to bed.
Friday: Woke up at 9:30am. Didn't eat breakfest. AJ and I were lazy fucks, and just sat in the living room watching TV all day. He wouldn't touch me that much, kinda pissed me off considering I was leaving today. And his OCD shit was pissing me off too. His mom and dad brought me home and here I am on here!..

All and all it was a good time. I had fun with his family I really didn't want to leave, I hate coming home, its such a drag.

Home: During my time gone and all last week I have craved nothing buch orange juice. I really have poop. And my dog is going crazy. He missed me alot. No one is here as usual. I'm a ghost in my own home. blah. But its kinda good to be back. I missed you all!!!


2002-08-09 10:24:28 ET

I missed you too babygurl!!!!!

2002-08-09 10:46:49 ET


2002-08-09 19:51:05 ET

lol. wow thats a lot..hehehe..but yes..i have missed your crazy entry's lol!! but glad you had a good time!

2002-08-10 07:52:27 ET


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