hell yea!
2010-04-11 06:37:42 ET

...remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. so ready!
Freddie is my fav.!

in other news: lol. we are all good. Marleigh is 5 months old today. 5 MONTHS ! time has really flew by. It was like bam pregnant bam marleigh. crazy crazy. She gets in her little walker and she just goes goes goes. Its smazing how babies grow and learn. Watching her accomplishments developmentally every day is just so amazing. Nothing compares to being a parent. I love motherhood! She's showing interest in a cup now, so I'm thinking about introducing it. Shes just growing so quickly.
Jason starts talking an EMT class this coming Saturday. Which is good. When he is done in 3 months and passes the test, then he'll get a $4 pay raise at his job.
I am good. I'm not going back to school until next Spring. I just want to be home with the baby right now, and if I wait to go back to school next spring, then Jason will be able to work less hours and spend more time with us.

We had a great Easter. I planned and organized the whole event, and we had a great turn out of about 20 head of family and more. The egg hunt was awesome. We had enough kids to do a babies hunt and a big kids hunt. The whole family came out and got along. People brought food and helped to clean up. We've already made some plans for next years Easter. We are going to try this with every holiday because it worked out so great.

Here are some new pictures....

ok.. enough with the explosion of pictures. for now. lol.

2010-04-11 15:43:53 ET

aw. red x's :(

2010-04-12 05:47:52 ET

pictures didn't work :(

2010-04-12 11:28:44 ET

aw, man. i'll try to fix this.

2010-04-12 12:25:48 ET

damnit. i cant get it fixed. well fuck.

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