evrything sux..
2002-08-10 16:28:00 ET

I miss my AJ *cries* I just want to go back home. His house is my home. My house is just a house. I have only been home for a day and my dad has just seen me today...and has already started yelling at me. There is no food in the house..so I make brownies for my lil bor cause hes hungry and I get yelled at. It sucks. I want to go back to AJs. I hate living here. Its hell. I love to be at AJs around his family. He has like a beaver cleaver home. Its not prefect but damn close to it. They aren't judgemental or racist like my family. AJs family is my family to me. I love them. And I have more respect for his parents that I do mine.

On a happier note. I made brownies..and kool-aid..thats about all we have to eat or drink :(..

2002-08-10 16:30:51 ET

awwwww =( me sorry.

start riding a bike to his house..it will take about a couple of hours..lol..but you'll get there =)

mmm..brownies are good and so is kool-aid.

2002-08-10 16:34:07 ET

I can't ride a bike to there in the dark..some manaic will hit me and kill me.... and I don't want kool-aid. I want orange juice! damnit!

2002-08-10 16:37:42 ET

ok, well leave tomorrow morning on a bike. theres no bus or train that goes there.

i sorry. if i had orange juice i would give you some.

2002-08-10 16:39:25 ET

No bus or train.. this is Mt.Savage MD...and that is Hyndman PA..very small towns...

thanx..I think ?I found some to make though.,..

2002-08-10 16:43:00 ET

that sucks. maybe im just used to here where you can take a train or bus almost anywhere and if its not in the city you want..you can get off on a stop next to it...

yay..you found some to make.

2002-08-10 16:46:54 ET

I think I did...ya know whats funny about the name Hyndman...when you tell people about it..they think you say Hymen..and laugh..and are like "Holy shit! theres actully a place called that?"

2002-08-10 16:49:31 ET

lol. yea. my friend says he lives in Cumming,GA. i dunno if there is a such a place..but there might be.

2002-08-10 16:53:27 ET

Probably..there is MiddleSex, PA...so why not a Cumming,GA?

2002-08-10 16:58:58 ET

hahaha true. i thought there was a Middlesex in NJ also.

2002-08-10 17:02:29 ET

I believe there is..hey..I'll be back on in a hour or so...I'm letting my lil bro on. So cheers!

2002-08-10 17:02:35 ET

for now..

2002-08-10 17:11:24 ET

okie doke!!


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