Resident Evil, Clockwork Orange, Veggie Hoagies, Nilla Coka and vast amounts of nothingness.
2002-08-11 16:59:57 ET

Today I did vast amounts of nothingness. I ate a veggis hoagie today. Provalone cheese, tomatoes, lettace and mayonaise with garlice salt, pepper and salt. I created this all by myself. Me and my dad rented movies. We watched Resident Evil, great movie might I add. Now he is watching rollerball. And we rented A Clockwork Orange. My dad told me it will take me days or watcing to understand it. He said its a strange movie. He said even when he was one drugs it was strange and he didn't like it that much. So I thought, hey, what the hell, why not rent it. lol. Well Imma go make me another veggie sub or sumthin' and drink the rest of my vanilla coke.

2002-08-11 17:13:29 ET

Us Vanilla Coke users have to stick together. Or not. Whatever.

2002-08-11 18:38:41 ET

sounds good =)

2002-08-11 18:54:04 ET

NailCitySkinhead= Yes! We will take over the world some day! mwahahahahahah....

Cyndi= haha..its fun....

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