bored sick tired bored sub|hum|ans
2002-08-12 07:37:47 ET

I'm not interested in a clockwork orange. I'm not in the mood to watch it. So I turnned it off. I'm going to go listen to my Punk Rock music. Sub|hum|ans. Haha...I'm bored bored bored bored. I woke up to a big red suprise this morning, grrls you get me on that. I feel sick. I have to pee. I need tampons. Dad needs to come home so I can go out and get some. Oh my. bored bored sick tired bored.

2002-08-12 09:56:26 ET

yea im soo with you on that one! i sorry! but remember if i am home 9pm my time im going to call ya.

2002-08-12 11:46:53 ET

if you get in before hand can also call me. I'm home ALLLLLLday

2002-08-12 15:09:31 ET

hehe i would if i could..i would call you now but i cant...cuz i dont have free minutes..i gotta wait till 9pm. sorry =( its on the weekends when i can call whatever time in the day.

2002-08-12 15:23:42 ET

maybe the weekend then ;)

2002-08-12 15:31:37 ET


2002-08-12 16:27:34 ET


2002-08-12 16:31:45 ET

stupid mom is taking the cell with her when she does as again..tonite not a good nite..but still before the gonna call ya at least once.

2002-08-12 16:33:06 ET


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