last call..
2002-08-12 12:39:30 ET

This is the last call for anyone who would like me to write them letters with presents included........any one else while I'm still online???? I'll be on for about 20 more minutes...

2002-08-12 12:50:32 ET

how about me?!

2002-08-12 12:55:23 ET

did you write me?

2002-08-12 12:58:39 ET

yes I did Dan. Smart ass your address....

First Name LastName
street address or Po Box
City, State

write like above.. ;)

2002-08-12 13:44:31 ET

me me me!

2002-08-12 14:18:55 ET

yay! i get letters!

2002-08-12 14:27:18 ET

Haha..if you seriously want a letter...PM me your address like above...

2002-08-12 14:31:14 ET

you have mine i still have to pm you?

2002-08-12 14:32:30 ET

No you dont silly goose....just the other people who say they want letters..

2002-08-12 14:34:51 ET

oh...but i wanna!!!!! no fair ::starts a tranttrum:: WWWHHHHHAAAAA

2002-08-12 14:43:36 ET

presents. me. gimme.

2002-08-12 14:47:01 ET


2002-08-12 16:00:19 ET

hahahaha nicole you're pulling a ME when i was in this phase on writing people letters too! its fun when you are bored and when you get letters back you feel specail because people took their time to be creative and stuff =)

2002-08-12 16:32:11 ET


2002-08-12 17:51:37 ET

Meee tooo!!!!

2002-08-13 08:10:47 ET that today is another day. I am not excepting ANYMORE address at the moment. When I write agian , I will accept new applicants.

2002-08-13 08:14:17 ET


2002-08-13 08:16:14 ET

Dont worry Suicide...Yours was the last one I was accepting. ;) ..I've written my hand off last night..and they probably wont be sent out until tomorrow.

2002-08-13 08:18:10 ET

yay! i get presents!

2002-08-13 08:18:34 ET

YAH! * rapes and runs * I was late as usual... * sighs *

2002-08-13 08:18:57 ET


2002-08-13 08:26:54 ET


2002-08-13 08:30:14 ET


2002-08-13 08:37:14 ET

heh heh heh I'm great!

2002-08-13 09:10:53 ET


2002-08-13 09:12:47 ET

i knew it you do love me!!!!!!!!

2002-08-13 10:07:03 ET

How couldn't I? I mean your fun..hehe..

2002-08-13 14:23:18 ET

YAH! * Rapes and runs *

2002-08-13 14:32:24 ET


2002-08-13 14:37:22 ET

did anyone else see the rape-by?

2002-08-13 14:42:23 ET

Dan shut up! I'll beat you!!! *Rapes and runs again EVERYONE *

2002-08-13 14:44:54 ET

:-( i see when i'm unwanted ::slouches and slowly walks away and jumps off a cliff::

2002-08-13 14:53:17 ET


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