Junkie Gal, stamps and no food...
2002-08-13 08:25:00 ET

Last night Cyndi called me. She called at midnight and we talked til 2am my time, but my eyees started to get heavy and I started to fall asleep. So we got off the phone and I went to bed.She is one cool chick. She has a cute little pretty voice. Shewas interesting to talk to also..

Today I have to do dishes and go get stamps to send out these letters...oh my 13 letters. my hands gunna fall off. I'm still sleepy and there is nothing to eat in this house. God, My parents need to go to the market. Ok. I don't have much to say. So I will stop wasting your time. I'm going to go find something to eat. Cheers! all ;)

2002-08-13 13:08:21 ET

hehe, everybody says i have a cute little voice but i never believe them! blah! haha.

and yea those are a lot of letters, i actaully have 2 more to write..d'oh and ive been putting it off, i think ill start them today.

and no food. i sorry! my mom just went to the grocery store yesterday, so we kind of have food now but we have to make it last.

2002-08-13 13:18:31 ET


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