i want my aj..
2002-08-13 13:02:49 ET

oh god I'm bored. My mom brought home some pizza...but I have no appetite. I'm sick. not really, just can't eat. I don't wanna be home. I wanna be at AJs. Or atleast go see him for alittle bit :(. I miss him. I cry when I get off the phone with him, cause I don't like haveing to leave him. I want to go to AJs..I want to go to AJs ... I want to go to AJs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man. This sux. I have NOTHING TO DO! ........ I want my AJ!!!!

2002-08-13 13:14:40 ET

i want my . . . . . . friends! they suck! hahaha..but yea..i sorry...but remember one day you guys will be able to see eachother all the time! =)

2002-08-13 13:19:54 ET

Yes..you gunna come to the wedding?

2002-08-13 13:24:19 ET

Yes, just make sure you send me a invintaion =) and i'll for sure come.

2002-08-13 13:29:29 ET

Awesome. Will do.

2002-08-13 13:55:21 ET

i wanna be with aj too!!!!!!! whos aj?

2002-08-13 14:29:06 ET

i want you to be with AJ too! I want to be with BRIAN damnit(sp) dammit? (haha sorry i cant spell)

2002-08-13 14:33:13 ET

AJ is my boyfriend....

2002-08-13 14:34:41 ET

i knew that..

2002-08-13 14:35:02 ET

haha woops i just read up there alittle bit and yeah my bad

2002-08-13 14:41:25 ET

haha..see his picture...I just put it up...

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