T H E S H O T ..... ........ dun dundun
2002-08-14 05:18:28 ET

I've been up since 6:30am. Not fun. I am cranky. I had to get my Depo-Provera shot today.

Conversastion with nurse:
Jane: Now you are gunna feel alittle pinch..
NiCole: What kind of a pinch?
Jane: Just a pinch lik...
NiCole: Like getting your blood taken?
Jane: No, its a different kind..
NiCole: Like different how?
Jane: It'll feel like a beesting
NiCole: Oh..huh..neat..
Jane: Ok roll up your sleeve
( puts swabs over area )
Jane: Ok so you might feel alittle pressure
NiCole: Ok...can you hurry up, my mom is waiting,she has to go to work...tell me when you are getting ready..
Jane: NiCole, its already over..
NiCole: huh...I didn't even feel it..huh..

That tells you that I fuckin hate needles. I fuckin hate them man! Now I have this wierd, funny, odd type of hurting in my arm that is confusing an making me giggle. I'm sleepy. I might go lay down in a little bit.

Boredom Strikes...dun dund dun

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

2002-08-15 00:13:19 ET

i <3 you!

2002-08-15 13:00:00 ET

I <3 you too!!!

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