another day..another waste of time..
2002-08-15 14:25:05 ET

I will be adding some new pix soon. Pictures of me and AJ, and the prom picture and some random shit. I will aslo have a new avatar soon. Until SiS gets done making me a beautiful creation of me from her SiSart. hehe. I miss AJ alot. I get to see him tomorrow though. And I get to see Krystal!!!! I fuckin <3 Krystal. People say we should be twins, we are exactly alike. We even have the esp shit going on too.
Me and Nina hung out all day yesterday. We are hanging out today, then her and I are going to Hyndman tomorrow. :D Can't wait to see Krystal and AJ!!

On a less happier note. I'm going to stare myself or something. Cause from friday to sunday I gained 10 lbs. I am very very very unhappy with my wieght. I don't like it. So I'm going to stare myself til I get to the wieght I want, then exercise everyday to keep it that way...I exercise..but not how I'm going to. So yeah..being the wieght I am for 17, I dont find it makes me feel horrible.

2002-08-15 14:26:56 ET

pictures = love.

2002-08-15 14:35:56 ET

yes..hehe..they do... :D... wait til you see my prom pic. You see AJ? you see me?..haha..this is EXTREMLY different

2002-08-15 14:36:52 ET

um, ok? lemme see then

2002-08-15 14:39:36 ET

I have to scan them tonite at Ninas ( nine AH). We scanned some pix, but not the prom one..oo oo..I have a prom one but its too big to put up on here... can't I e-mail it to you.

2002-08-15 14:41:51 ET

yes yes, and ill resize it for you if you want, so you can put it up on sk..

2002-08-15 14:45:29 ET

Awesome!..k..want me to mail it to you on aol?

2002-08-15 15:03:51 ET


2002-08-15 15:18:06 ET


2002-08-15 15:18:21 ET

not really...

2002-08-15 15:25:02 ET

haha...for us it in dress..who would've thought..AJ with no hawk..let alone a suit!!! everyone thought it was the end of the world.

2002-08-15 19:27:09 ET

bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

and . . ..

thats a cute picture of you and aj =)

2002-08-15 19:30:13 ET

:) thanx..

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