2002-08-15 16:25:46 ET

Ya know what??????

If I had a penis...I'd be a man.

2002-08-15 16:55:06 ET

ME TOO!!! It's Great! I LOVE ME!

2002-08-15 17:03:00 ET

Profound. Does that mean if I had a vagina, I'd be a hermaphrodite?

2002-08-15 17:04:44 ET

i wish i had a penis =(

2002-08-15 17:05:52 ET

STRAP ON! * rapes an runs *

2002-08-15 17:19:31 ET

don't start something you can't finish better

2002-08-15 18:49:23 ET

haha..doesn't take much to get you guys going..I give a heartfelt entry and no one comments and probably doesn't read..I write something stupid..and everyone replies..

2002-08-15 19:07:16 ET

* rapes harder * I LOVE YOU PUNK KITTEN!

2002-08-15 19:26:17 ET

hehe i reply to all =D

2002-08-15 19:26:27 ET

haha....I'd rape back...but I don't think AJ would like that... *humps leg*

2002-08-15 19:32:32 ET

Does any one know this song by AFI? If you do WHATS THE FUCKING NAME!?

I'm going to draw a picture
a picture with a twist
i'll draw it with a razor blade
right upon my wrist
as i draw a picture
a foutain will appear
and as the fountain flows
my problems disappear

2002-08-15 19:35:37 ET

fuck afi

2002-08-15 19:36:31 ET

Okay.. then.. know any good songs?

2002-08-15 19:42:57 ET

eh...Get some Casualties...and Devotchkas (99s)..

2002-08-15 19:43:21 ET

The Virus, Flogging Molly..

2002-08-15 19:46:19 ET

got em .... Flogging molly.. the devils dance MWUHAHAH!... the Virus... ping ping dont know yet.... Yet to cum.... * going to bed now....* my boyfriend is sleeping on my bed at the moment.. I think I'll go rape him... heh heh >:).. Pm me bands and songs I have.... Http://www.WINMX.com

2002-08-15 19:48:56 ET

mmmm..nathan maxwell..hehe i met him and got to take a picture with him..hehe. yea im a dork.

2002-08-15 19:50:06 ET


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