the egg is not ripe.
2002-08-15 20:16:26 ET

Wanna know something??

Unlike the birthcontrol pill which regulates your period and provents pregnancy. The shot is more effective and keeps you from getting your period. The shot keeps the egg from rippening and changes the uterus wall which makes it extremely hard for the egg to attach if it becomes fertilized. And if the egg is not rip, you don't get a period. And you don't end up with a little accident 9 months down the road. Heres an easier way to explain it to the men...

Its like a chicken when she lays an egg, someone removes it from the coop and refridgerates it. well as soon as the egg is removed from the coop it can get fertilized nor rippen...and is useless... understand?

2002-08-15 20:22:43 ET

my ex. was on deprovera, worked great!

2002-08-15 20:43:38 ET


2002-08-16 05:46:20 ET

Hehe...Did she get her period? What do you mean works great? did you have a little accident a few times??

2002-08-18 14:51:52 ET

naw, no period for her. it was never considered an "accident" since the purpose of her getting on birth control was to finish inside. =)

2002-08-18 17:40:38 ET

ya know you are suppose to use two methods..right? well long as she wasen't on the pill she was fine..cause the shot is right up there with female sterilization..

2002-08-18 17:42:18 ET

With asking about an "accident" I just wanted to be sure it was ok if he did on "accident". Cause I don't want to end up 9 months down the road with a baby. Anyway..the shot isn't 100 percent effctive until the second shot, which I get in 13 weeks ( 3 months).

2002-08-18 18:28:22 ET

i've had a lot of "accidents" with other girls using no methods of birth control on either side and only 1 girl has gotten pregnant. it's actually really hard to get a girl pregnant.

2002-08-18 18:32:24 ET

haha..not me...I have this ovarie problem..where they like to release more than one egg at a time...And well only one ovarie is suppose to release one egg one month and the next ovarie the next month..well mines is like..both ovaries one month..2 eggs from the left and like 1 from the right...thats why I was originally put on the pill, for OVER ACTIVE OVARIES ... when Iwas like 14, now I'm 17..(not just for ovaries) on the shot..cause its more effective and I won't get a period THANK GOD! Cause mine are usually heavy.

2002-08-18 18:33:43 ET

it's so much simplier to be a man!

2002-08-18 18:36:27 ET

Yes indeed. Some times I wake up wishing I had a penis...wake up as a man. My life would be so much easier. Oh well. I'm female..some times I think its easier for a grrl to masturbate than a guy...hmm..

2002-08-18 18:39:24 ET

yea, i'm on the opposite side of the spectrum as you...

sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have a vagina (not for long though!)...

i mean, women are far more sexually superior to men (multiple orgasms, more intense and various ways to reach them) but all the side effects of being a female (menstration, pregnancy, guys being assholes) it wouldn't be worth it to me... =)

2002-08-18 18:42:08 ET

yeah..well I think pregnancy would have to be the worst. ya know..bones shift, get stretch marks..hurts back..someting the size of a watermelon comes out something the size of a lemon...yea..

2002-08-18 18:51:59 ET

thank elestic flesh, even though it still tears sometimes. ouch, i can't even imagine. *whispers to god "oh please god, don't let me get pregnant, ever!...thanks!"...

girls are fun. i really like this one and now talking about this makes me want to get intimate with her which is sad cuz this won't happen agian untill tommorrow night when she comes over and that seems like so far away.


2002-08-18 18:57:22 ET

Yea. Well, I wish I was a guy for one see what it feels like with them..

2002-08-18 18:58:00 ET

ya know what I mean..cause I know how it feels for me..Iwanna know how it feels for a guy..

2002-08-18 19:21:37 ET





V oi oi d.

2002-08-18 19:24:47 ET

I can figure that much out..but like how that feeling is to know what I mean..

2002-08-18 19:37:11 ET


too difficult to explain, a brief one word summary=Ecstasy.

2002-08-18 19:39:30 ET

i see...

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