2002-08-16 20:57:00 ET

Tonite, was boring. Hmm..did a bunch of nothing. Me and Nina just sat at her house most of the day. We are going to Hyndman tomorrow. I have a family reunion and then I'm going to stay at AJs. Before that though, we are going to get tires put on her car, then we are going to visit my cousin in jail. Should be a pretty fun-filled day. Yup yup. My body fuckin hates my medicine. Adderall XR. Its making my hands shake and is giving me acid reflex, my mom said its because my body needs awhile to get use to it. I only have taken it 2 days. blah..anyway..I'm puttin new pictures up..I hope you enjoy them..some are old some are new, but they're all FUN..I think I'm goint to bed in a bit..its almost 2am..and I have ALOT of shit to do in the morning..

2002-08-16 21:09:17 ET

you're so cute! but yay you get to see your boi AJ! go you!

2002-08-16 21:14:44 ET


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