Sloppy drool kisses under the moonlight
2002-08-18 12:38:26 ET

I just got back from <3AJ's <3 . It was fun. First I went to my family reunion which was in Hyndman, so I took Krystal with me cause I knew AJ wouldn't want to go, hes not a people person. So Krystal and I talked then we went to her house so I could watch some animation she made. Then we went back to my family reunion. Then my mom and gram dropped us off back down at Krystals. Then we listened to some music. I showed her how I can sing in a deep, loud,satanic, death metal voice. She said it was great! And my face looked like I was constapated! Joy! Then we went to butterfields, sat in his brother, Brians,room. We watched some japanamation, Devil Hunters. It was cool. Then AJ came, Then him and I went up to his house. He ate, I didn't. His parents left..and his mom was like " Your grandma should be coming home ANY MINUTE bed good and don't do anything" oh god my face turned soo red. I had to turn away. Then him and I watched some TV. Then we went back down to Myke and Brians and smoked some cigarettes and watched Heman on cartoon network. Then we went back to AJs. Watched some TV. Then his parents came home..and his mom told me to come in her bed room, that she wanted to show me something...haha...she showed me his baby pictures . HA! I finally seen them! What now AJ!? Huh!? Huh!? nothing! HAHAHAHAHA. They were soooooooo cute. It was great. I came out and he had this big grin and his face was red. haha. Then him and I went to his room. We watched some more japanimation, Ruin seachers or something. It was cool. Then we had sex...twice. Then we sat outside and talked. Then went to bed.
I woke AJ up this morning with a big sloppy wet morning kiss. hehe. Then he ate breakfast, I ate nothing. Then we watched some TV. He took a shower, I watched TV. Then I took a shower, he watched TV. Then we watched some movies. Then we tickled each other to death. Then we went in his room so I could get my fags, and watch. We had sex. Then we went inside. And I got all my shit together. Then he held me and kissed me and told me he loved me and how much he was going to miss me . I did the same. Then I gave his mom a hug goodbye. Then his dad brought me home. Me and his dad talked the whole time about harleys, license and stuff like that. And now I'm here, online.

listening to//
artist: Jello Biafra
CD: If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evlove.

2002-08-18 14:05:14 ET

haha i like how you always meantion how many times you have sex...hehe..

2002-08-18 14:09:12 ET

haha..well its part of the day. I could include details....

2002-08-18 14:11:42 ET

hahaha no no its ok =D

2002-08-18 14:23:32 ET

ok then..I wont tell you how I sat in cum..oooops...

2002-08-18 14:24:28 ET

awwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww NICOLE!!! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! hahahaha.

2002-08-18 17:52:25 ET

LOL..hey I could tell you alot more like when

2002-08-19 01:12:19 ET

be nice =) hahaha

2002-08-19 06:40:30 ET

hAHAHAAAAA I'm so bad..hehe..

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