highlight of the night..
2002-08-19 18:37:39 ET

Today: I ate...2 pieces of toast...and a little bit ago, and bowl of berry Speical K with 2% milk. Thats all I could eat..and all I was hungry for. I don't understand my body. Sometimes it wants alot of food and most of the time it wants no food at all. Its fuckin crazy, I hate to eat in the morning though so I can take my medication or I'll get sick.

On another note:
I'm talking to Nina on AIM and AJ on yahoo.
Conversastion with Nina:
Starlite Raven [11:25 PM]: yeah, so how bout it?? will you be my wife or not?
AuthorityIsDead [11:25 PM]: Well hold on...lemme check..
Starlite Raven [11:26 PM]: what??
AuthorityIsDead [11:27 PM]: punk_kitten_x: AJ.....Nina wants to know if I can be her wife..
AJ: i don't care
AuthorityIsDead [11:27 PM]: guess I'm your wife..
Starlite Raven [11:28 PM]: Tell AJ thanks, we can sare you! yummy!!:-*
AuthorityIsDead [11:29 PM]: hehe..oooo
AuthorityIsDead [11:29 PM]: ;-)

Conversation with AJ:
punk_kitten_x: AJ.....Nina wants to know if I can be her wife..
AJ: i don't care
punk_kitten_x: You sure?
punk_kitten_x: Cause she wants to know if her and I can get married.
AJ: i don't care
punk_kitten_x: Ok
AJ: ok
punk_kitten_x: Nina says thanks...you two can share me....
punk_kitten_x: hmmmm..
AJ: ok
punk_kitten_x: ok
punk_kitten_x: Hey, that means when you start working....and don't have much time for me.....Nina can love me..
AJ: yea

So yea, thats the highlight of my night!

2002-08-19 18:39:15 ET

Wow, that sounds like so much fun...lol...atleast its more fn then my days.

2002-08-19 18:39:53 ET

that is very interesting....haha

2002-08-19 18:41:38 ET

yes..thats right now..

2002-08-19 18:42:01 ET

haha funny convo from a phone call with <3 Brian:

Me: Guess what?
Brian: You're having my puppys?
Me: No silly.
Brian: Then what( he said it so dumb I had to laugh)
Me: I missed you.
Brian: Is that it? you missed me. I already knew that...

yeah it goes on...oh i love him so much!

2002-08-19 18:44:36 ET


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