DWI=jail time
2002-08-20 05:52:01 ET

Today I woke up at 9am. Talked to my dad for a little bit before he left got his hearing. He got picked up with DWI and now they want to give him jail time. And if they do that, my mom is not going to be able to pay the morgage on the house, cause my dad is the one that brings in the money to pay that, and me and my mom and my brother might have to move or something. We barely have money for food anymore. And my dad is our way of transportation. My mom doesn't have her licence and I don't because they haven't taken me. I'm going to have to return my bass because my parents wont have the money to pay for it, and I know they are going to try so I'm just going to return it so they don't pay for it. This is really shitty. We are going back to being poor agian..at one point in time we had no cable and no phone. I remember one year when I was little we didn't have much of a dinner...whatever was cheap and on sale is all we could have. We drank kool-aid ALL the time. One summer we were poor and my mom got this good deal on a lot of chicken and she froze it , and all we had was chicken and kool-aid and freezypops that my mom bought in baulk from the Dollar store. Then that with my parents spliting up and geting back together over 10 times, I've had a pretty shitty childhood. But in some ways it was good. I just want to get my license and get a job, get my 2 years of school done, and then I'm gone. Pittsburg. Thats where you'll find me. Me AJ and Krystal. But for now, I'm waiting for my dad to call and tell me if hes going to be going to jail or not.

2002-08-20 09:08:59 ET


don't forget college or some associate degree. Good luck gettin' out of there.

2002-08-20 09:47:32 ET

awww poor nicole =( you're such an awesome person i wish things just went good for you. well i hope that everything works out for you!

2002-08-20 10:16:50 ET

sowwy..things will work out..im in a rut myself..but it takes time..your a good person..and god gives you only what you can handle..so you'll be fine..

2002-08-20 11:43:53 ET

Axo= What do you mean by that?

Cyndi= Thank you, your an awesome person myself. I do hope things get better.

Likenooneelse= I know things will or should work out. But my whole life has been one huge rut, or so it seems. AJs about the only great thing in my life, and sometimes we as a couple have our ruts. You seem like a good person too. Thanx.

2002-08-20 11:45:22 ET


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2002-08-20 11:50:58 ET

hm? I assumed that by 2 years of school you don't necessarily mean college. I'm just encouraging you to get a degree. :) That is all. Degrees can help keep poverty at bay...not always, but sometimes.

2002-08-20 11:59:06 ET

Oh, I'm going to a Vocational Skills school this year and next for Media. And we all know media is a WIDE field. I learn everything I need to know about photography, recording, TV, Radio, all that stuff. After I graduate I can go out and get a job in about almost anyting with Media. Now being a DJ, I'd have to take a 6 week college course. But thats about it. And if I want to farther something I've learned I can go to college. But until then. I can still have a job and enjoy it. My parents have no money for me and my brother for college. So I'll have to earn my own money if I want to go. Because me and my brother will be graduating together, and I'd rather them send him to college so he can get a good job. Since I will have 2 years of college in Media( thats how it certified). Oh but I am going to college. In Ireland for 6months.

2002-08-20 19:04:53 ET

I know what that's like, being poor. My mom married an abusive alcoholic and divorced him so she raised me and my little brother on her own. We lived on welfare in the projects (subsidized housing - the slums) and no matter how clean she kept the house we always had roaches anyway cuz the neighbors were so filthy, there was nothing we could do to keep them out. We ate government surplus food and drank powdered milk. I did like the government cheese though - it was this huge fucking block of cheese and I'd just cut pieces off and eat it. :) Despite all that, my mom would take menial jobs under the table from time to time to supplement the welfare check which wasn't much to begin with so we never starved, not the way you describe. I never rememeber being hungry and I always had nice clothes so I can't say my childhood sucked. Mostly I enjoyed being out with my friends in the hood. I wasn't in the house much.

I hope things get better for you. It's too bad your dad was driving drunk. They are getting very strict about that. One one hand it sucks that a whole family will be torn apart if he goes to jail, but then you gotta wonder, what if he hit someone and caused them injury? I hope he learns his lesson after this, if not for himself than to keep the family together and off the streets.

Oh and I spent 7 years working in retail hell before switching careers when I was 27. I went to a business school and got certified in Office Technology and have been doing office work since then but let me tell ya...even with the pell grant I got, I had 6K in student loans to pay off, so it kind of defeated the purpose of going to school to make more money cuz I ended up spending most of it just paying off the loans and I'd probably STILL be paying them off if I hadn't got hit by a car in 1994. I finally collected the settlement in 97 and the first thing I did was pay off the rest of those student loan vultures. Oi. But still, I'd recommend college or a trade or business school to anyone who wants to get anywhere in life. You could probably get a pell grant cuz you're low income so I bet you could pull it off so good luck. :)

2002-08-20 19:58:53 ET

Well if I really want to go to college my dad is a VVA member..and the chatper here is the one that owns "The Wall" paintings by Lee Teeter. But anyway, they give VVA memebers kids scholarships if they need them, or enough money to put them through how ever many years of college they need. So I'm pretty much covered.

With my dad and shit, the hearin was for violation of probation, they just uped his probation to another year. So all is well, he just has to pay the lawyer and finish the mortgage and the loan.

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