2002-08-20 20:17:33 ET

Ok. Im tired, so I'm going to bed now! good night. Write me some interesting things in here for me to read in the morning. Well goodnite all, I'm going to put Eminem,( stop laughing! I can hear you!), in and fall asleep. Wet Dreams and Sweet Nightmares



2002-08-20 20:43:19 ET

you want something interesting..hehe..well this is for you! i took it just for yoU! so yea! hope you like it!

2002-08-21 04:25:02 ET

HAHAHAH!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! haha//thats awesome!..

"But I do know one thing though. Bitches, they come they go, Saturday thru sunday, monday, monday thur sunday yo, Maybe I love you one day, maybe some day we'll grow,Til then just sit your drunk ass up on that run way ho,. I know you want me baby. I think I want you too,I think I love you baby, I think I love you too,I'm here to save you girl, come be in shadys world,I want ot flow together,lets let our love uinferle,You know you want me baby, You know I want you too, They call me superman, I'm here yo rescue you!" ...haha..

2002-08-21 09:42:33 ET

i like eminem

tell NO ONE!!!

2002-08-21 10:48:25 ET


2002-08-21 12:11:46 ET

Me too..shhh...keep that on the d l

2002-08-21 12:12:59 ET

hehe you guys like eminem! hehe.

2002-08-21 12:18:32 ET

hehe..Yes, that is the only rapper I can stand. I guess cause hes white, and his voice doesn't sound like " yoyo mutha fuacka wut wut , ima busta cap in yo assss , don't be a playa hata" ya know, the gang sound. He actully sounds american when he talks.

2002-08-21 15:55:10 ET


2002-08-21 16:28:54 ET


2002-08-21 21:42:15 ET

Eminem doesn't speak in Ebonics? Since when? Fuck, I hate that guy. But I'll fess up to liking that new song he put out...that video is funny. :D

2002-08-22 07:18:51 ET

:D yes yes..see..even though people say they don't like him..they always like one of his songs.

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