I'm not dead..
2002-08-24 13:21:07 ET

Just so everyone knows, I'm not dead. I've been busy. A really boring wierd busyness. School starts monday, so I will only be on after school and until 10:30pm 11pm at night eastern time. So If you don't hear from me write me an e-mail at AuthorityIsDead@aol.com or punk_angel9@hotmail.com. And I will return e-mails. Thank you for the letter, I got it today. Well I'm going to be babysitting tonite, I will most likely be online. probably on MSN punk_angel9@hotmail.com. Add me if you like. Welp I'll talk to you all later. Byebye
<3 ::NiCole::

2002-08-24 13:43:06 ET

Phew! Thank you for not being dead ;)

2002-08-24 14:48:37 ET

Hey we are suppose to play that game and i downloaded the new version of yahoo!!!! i miss you!! <3 Cyndi Lou

2002-08-24 15:13:11 ET

I know. We can play tonite when I get home from babysitting. It might be like around 12 my time. But we can play! I miss you too.
Sean, yes it is nice I'm not dead..hehe

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