2002-08-24 18:10:23 ET

So yea. I've been sorta busy. Getting ready for school. Then trying to figure out where I'm going and shit. Then trying to find a job then having a friend pissed at me when I tried to tell her something important that I thought she should know. And then I babysat tonite. I've been hanging out with friends alot more. So yea.
Right now,I'm on here, talking to AJ on yahoo and Cyndi on AOL, hopefully on yahoo. We are suppose to play together! yay!

// listening to://
CD: The Eminem Show
Artist: Eminem
Song: square dance

2002-08-24 18:40:53 ET

YAY and we played..but too bad you kept getting kicked off =( stupid yahoo.

2002-08-24 18:41:22 ET

yea..fuckin shit..grrr...

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