you can't make me.....
2002-08-25 17:38:13 ET starts tomorrow. I fuckin hate school, just as much as I hate nazi bastards! I don't want to go..but they will drag my ass to school. I have to ride the fuckin cheese wagon. I don't want to go. I don't even know if I'm going to VoTech or Beall. God! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna I don't wanna.......!!! ::cries:: This sux. :(

2002-08-25 17:39:37 ET

I know waht you mean..
but i am in college now.. its
i start tomorrow too

2002-08-25 17:44:30 ET

I'm not going to college...because I have no Idea what I want to do with my life..

2002-08-25 17:45:44 ET

the first day is ok, you cant be like this yet, wait until tomorrow.

2002-08-25 17:50:16 ET

yeah.. i know... its hard..

2002-08-25 18:34:14 ET

"I'm not going to college...because I have no Idea what I want to do with my life.."

That's one of the best reasons to go to college, Nicole. College is the best place to figure out what you want to do.

You'll love it. Trust me.

2002-08-25 19:58:08 ET

awwww poor Nicole! im sorry.

yes, me starting college...but i start sept.23rd. ::scared::

i love you!! and good luck!!

2002-08-25 20:36:35 ET

lol ill see yah on the short bus =)

2002-08-26 09:54:40 ET

No, I'm not going until I have some sort of idea what I want to work with, because I will be either using my parents money ,which I don't want ot waste or something else. Next year you might hear me talking about college, never know.

2002-08-26 10:04:19 ET

yeah... but you could take art classes...

2002-08-26 10:08:10 ET

Eh, maybe. I'm not all the great at art though. I think I sorta suck.

2002-08-26 10:08:48 ET

but it would be fun.. :)

2002-08-26 10:12:07 ET


2002-08-26 10:12:56 ET

ha... yeah..
I have one more class today.. hum.. at 1:10 so in alittle under an hour

2002-08-26 10:16:58 ET

Well with the college thing, you'll probably hear more about it next year while I'm at VoTech. since I didn't get to go this year, I get to go my senior year, for what they call " Senior Option". All I do is have an hour of english 4 ( 12th grade) and then after that I work in my shop for Communications Arts (media). So it should be fun.

2002-08-26 10:19:49 ET

sounds like it..could be fun fun fun..
hum.. i would have liked that.. i was loaded with crap just so i could graduate on time.. dammit

2002-08-26 10:27:05 ET

What I would do is get your core classes out of the way, maybe take a few electives, too.

It's much easier to go to college right out of high school than to take a year off or whatever.

Plus, college is SO FUN. Especially if you go away, even if it's just a hundred miles or so.

2002-08-26 10:28:05 ET

yeah.. thats what i am doing...

2002-08-26 10:30:13 ET

Eh, well I don't know. I will know next year though. After my year at Votech. What I get from there I can go right out and get a job because I'm very qualified. If I want top farther something I learned there, like say studio production, then I could go to college for it. I have time. I'll get it all figured out.

2002-08-26 10:31:48 ET

Oh well. Don't listen to me. I dropped out of college.

I WISH I didn't though.

2002-08-26 10:35:09 ET

Yeah. Well see I'm a very very stuborn person. I have to figure things out on my own. And it takes time. Some times it gets down to the last minute then it comes to me. I just have to learn and all that stuff on my own. I have to find out myself.

So you all can sit here and tell me how great college is and how fun it is and how I should go. But Its going in "one ear and out the other". I have to find out for myself. And I hate high school, so I don't think I'll like college. I'm not trying to be rude or mean by that, just trying to say how I think and how I am with things..

2002-08-26 10:51:21 ET

K, but I'm gonna throw a little more in just to piss you off :P

I HATED high school. College is SO different.

Everything I hated about high school was so much better in college. It's like all the assholes that make you feel like crap suddenly grow up all at once. With the exception of frat people, all the factions (preps, jocks, gangstas...etc..) melt into a great big stew of people. :)

You do what you want, but you'll love it. I promise.

2002-08-26 10:56:37 ET

hahaha awww man you got me excited about college..but im just going to a community college.

2002-08-26 10:59:59 ET

That's what I did for my first two years. It was the best two years of my life thus far. I went to Coffeyville Community College. It was SO GREAT.

One of my high school teachers told me that the friends I'd keep for the rest of my life, I'd meet in college. I told him he was wrong.

He was right.

2002-08-26 11:08:30 ET

hahaha aww thats sooo cool. welps now you got me all excited to go to school now =) thanks sean.

well i hope i'll make some awesome friends that i will keep for the rest of my life.

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