1st day of school...
2002-08-26 10:06:47 ET

Ok, got my schedule which is really fucked up, but thats my fault.
1st period- Business Math ( seniors take that)
2dn period- English 3 (11th grad english)
3rd period- Communications Technology 2
4th period- Government ( 9th grade class)
5th period- Criminal Justice ( 11 or 12 grade class)
6th period- English 2 ( 10th grade english)
7th- Art 1&2

I can't stand 4th period. Thats the longest period of the day and I'm stuck with 9th graders. They are so loud. This was the 1st day, and they already pissed me off. I may become a mass murderer by the end of the school year if they keep this up. I have to drop an english and take which ever one I drop in summer school, because I need another science credit so I need to get a science.
On the good side of things:
My friend Vince came to school with a hawk!!!!!! It was fuckin great. The principal was sooooooooo pissed. Because of them changing school policies the principal coudn't do shit! If you could've only seen the look on Mr.Smiths face! It was fuckin great!!! It made my day. I was like " way to go Vince!" he was like " Yea, but you know what would really piss him off??" I was like " What?" He was like " If you got a hawk. Ahhh..I can only imagine the look on his face then...it would be sooooo great!!"
So Vince was the first person in the beall high school history to have a mohawk. Its great. Oh my.
So right now, I'm eating my buritos. And counting my money to see if I have enough to buy some acrylics ,brushes and some canvas'. Oh my..yummy...

2002-08-26 10:53:54 ET

sucks about the school. im sorry.

cool about your friend though! ya you should get a hawk haha. that would be great..than take a pictur of your principal so we can all see the look on his face.

2002-08-26 11:01:06 ET

me and brian are taking a "break" tell your friend he rocks! and you should get a hawk...haha

2002-08-26 14:43:00 ET

Cyndi= Hahaha..no hawk for me, I'll be homeless.

Jenni = hehe..just as I told Cyndi, no hawk or I'll be homeless.

2002-08-26 17:14:52 ET

haha homelessness sucks

2002-08-26 18:39:25 ET


2002-08-27 11:34:10 ET


2002-09-05 17:59:16 ET

I had a hawk when I was a teenager but my mom made me grow it out. It looked cool too...like Annabella from Bow Wow Wow. :D

2002-09-06 13:43:33 ET


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