I miss...
2002-08-27 17:07:36 ET

......AJ. I really do. I'm having like AJ withdrawls. Its sad. :( I want to see him right now!!! All I want is one kiss or hug right now. I can't believe I miss him that much. I think he was sad last night when I talked to him. I think he misses his older brother, Brad, who moved out the 1st weekend in August. He just won't tell me if hes sad or not. And I don't know what to do, if he doesn't tell me whats wrong. Maybes theres nothing wrong. But maybe he does miss Brad. I will probably never know. Sometimes he don't tell me his feelings. Why don't guys tell you how they feel?? I really miss him alot!! I want my AJ. And I'm going to hardly ever see him, and this is gunna suck. So yeah, I'm chatting with him on yahoo now, hes away at the moment, doing something, I dunno what. hmm..hes back. So yeah.. I want my aj.... I want him to walk in the house and kiss me right now..........

2002-08-27 17:26:52 ET

damnit know i miss aj * eh heh*
thats a good point i dunno why we dont talk about are feelings?
who knows.

2002-08-27 17:29:47 ET

Awww..you can miss AJ with me..
yeah..I don't understand it..its mandatory for me to tell him how I feell..

2002-08-27 18:04:12 ET

=) so um what is it that were missing ? the lovins or what

2002-08-28 16:28:34 ET

all...lovins, him, just talking at 3am, goodnite kisses, out of nowhere kisses and I love yous, playing with each other ( wrestling, not playin with EACH OTHER), just laying there watching cartoons together, waking each other up in the morning, him making me poptarts...everything..

2002-08-28 16:37:48 ET

ok i miss the sex...mmm pop tarts

2002-08-28 16:40:16 ET

haha..yeah..me too.. it was great sex too..

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