2002-08-28 16:38:34 ET

..so yeah..school is making me sleepy, its fucking me up...grrr. Its boring. I only got one book, because in the rest of my classes, their aren't enough books for students so they have to stay in the room. We can't afford books. Oh well. well I'm very tired. So I'm going to bed. if you are missing me, feel free to write me an e-mail, I'll write back!

2002-08-28 16:45:55 ET

Damn, not having books to take home... and yet I suppose they expect you to study somehow? No new books, yet somehow, I get this suspicious idea that the football team has shiny helmets and a well-kempt field.

2002-08-29 17:27:35 ET

No on the field. We have a shitty field. Its more like the government aiding the private schools when they should be aiding the public schools.

2002-08-29 20:26:36 ET

Well, that's rather pointless.

2002-08-30 10:51:35 ET

yeah. In all my 7 classes, only one class of mine had enough books for everyone to have. And that was Business Math.

2002-09-01 03:34:52 ET

Oh ok, so it's not hopeless...yet.

2002-09-02 16:53:00 ET


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