I'm baaaAAAaackkkkk....
2002-09-02 17:18:56 ET

Ok, I stayed at Krystals alittle longer than planned...
It was fun we talked alot, walked around Hyndman, smoked cigarettes , hungout with AJ, watched movies and talked.

The 1st nite I was there me and Krystal went to eat at Tommys a diner there. When we go there 2 tables with about 2 people at each were already eating ,than at the bar there were 2 people there ordering. It took an HOUR AND A HALF to get our food. I mean people came in and out and got food to go and we didn't get our food. We complained. and got a free meal, all we had to pay for was our drinks which cost a dollar something.

Then Krystal wanted to go to her b/fs the other day and I wanted to go to mine. So I went to AJs, we had sex, and he did his thing inside(if you read previous entries you will know what I mean). Then we hung out for awhile and then went to meet Krystal at the Maninciple Center at quarter til 9.

While AJ and I were there , I had to tell him that I may have Hep. C and may have given it to him. And that I will be tested for it at my next appointment at the Health Department. I told him that if I have it an gave it to him I'd feel really horrible. And he said " If I don't have it now, I will get it aventually, and really, I don't care. If you have it I'll have it, and it doesn't matter to me" Which was really sweet. Cause I thought if I had told him that, that he would be really freaked out and act different towards me. But he didn't and he gave me a big hug afterwards.

Then we meet up with Krystal. and went back to AJs house. Me and Krystal started talking about things and kinda ganged up on AJ, he got pissed off and yelled at us. Then we went outside to smoke a cigarette, and I didn't talk. I had held in too much on everything the last 2 months and that just did it. Krystal went to her house to let me and AJ talk. We talked and I cried ALOT and it was a good feeling. I finally got to release everything and I felt really good afterwards. Than me and AJ had sex. Then hurried up and got dressed and went back to Krystals.
Today Krystal and I scroundged up a bunch of change to get some food and walked around. Then Her and Mom (i call her mom, mom) brought me home.

Now I'm online. Probably getting off in alittle to do some home work and than read some more of this book I'm reading. " Vampires: The Occult Truth" . Its pretty interesting...

So yeah....that was my weekend....

2002-09-02 17:21:56 ET

That's quite a weekend.

Here's mine:

Worked, slept, worked, slept, worked.

2002-09-02 17:23:27 ET

haha...sounds better than mine..atleast you are making money..

2002-09-02 17:28:40 ET

meh...not enough ;)

2002-09-02 17:28:50 ET

yea mine is pretty much the same as Seans. worked. slept.

2002-09-02 17:33:05 ET

hmm..no sex??

2002-09-02 17:35:23 ET

sorry no sex..i have noone to have sex with..damn im 19 and still a virgin!! damn it all to hell!

2002-09-02 17:35:42 ET

none here :(

2002-09-02 17:53:36 ET

hmm..I kinda feel lucky..

2002-09-02 17:55:19 ET

you are~!!!!

2002-09-02 17:57:46 ET

:)...yeah..I am..

2002-09-02 17:59:11 ET

im jealous of you

2002-09-02 18:16:55 ET

aww..don't be...You will get some one day..luckily you are still a virgin...

2002-09-02 18:33:22 ET

bahh! sometimes i wish i wasnt.

2002-09-02 18:34:53 ET

*hops in the car*

I'm on my way, Cyndi ;)

2002-09-02 18:37:12 ET


2002-09-04 13:27:30 ET

hahhaaaa..hey! no sex talk in my journals!!

2002-09-04 13:46:36 ET


2002-09-04 22:39:33 ET

hehehe sorry Nicole.

2002-09-05 13:14:14 ET

yea..you better be sorry!!!..hahaha..j/k..

2002-09-05 17:53:30 ET

Mine was OK. I wrote about it in my journal.

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