2002-09-05 13:38:58 ET

haha..yes! I love Squee. Hes soo cute. I drew him in art class since I'm ahead of everyone and have nothing else to do. I'm reading JTHM, thats Johnny The Homicidal Maniac for those of you who are not cool and up to date with things!, its the directors cut book. I like it. Johnny cracks me up. He kinda reminds me of The Ice man, Richard Klukinski, he was a guy who murdered alot of people just because they owed him money and shit.We watched a movie on him in Criminal Justice. He killed people in many different ways, and has no regret or feelings on it. And thats how he reminds me of Johnny. Johnny has no feeling but anger, and doesn't realize what hes doing. Oh...Johnny cracks me up...hehehe.

2002-09-05 17:56:28 ET

I think that's who Jhonen Vasquez based JTHM on...well, him and a composite of other anti-social killer types. But I think I've heard the Ice Man come up in interviews he's done.

2002-09-06 13:36:45 ET

Hmm..cool..I think..in a way

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