2002-09-08 18:14:48 ET

I fixed my moms car..I had to remove a whole bunch of shit, to get a split hose off..then we had to go get a new hose..while we were out I bought 50 bux in art shit..canvas' paints, brushes, brush cleaner.. sealer,..canvas pad... kneaded eraser....Then we came home..and I had to put the hose back on...I dropped a peice of a plug down in the car so I had to reach in and get it..I was all greasy and dirty and machanicey lookin.. It was funny. So yes, this 5'3" little punk rock chick fixed her moms buick regal all by herself! be proud...

When I finished that I got cleaned up..then I sat in my room..and put my art shit away..Then I got a piece of canvas outta my canvas pad and painted a black and white picture of JTHM.... then I took a nap...then I started painting a box.. then I realize it was 10 and got on here to talk to AJ...

2002-09-08 18:19:16 ET

Goddamn! I am proud!

I don't even know where the blinker fluid goes.

2002-09-08 18:30:32 ET

i am proud!!! im very proud!!

2002-09-08 18:40:42 ET

hehe..yay!... My daddy tought me how to do that!.. I'm a daddys girl. I was always with my dad.. I learned how to change oil..and gut a room in a house..hang drywall..put shingles on a roof...just about every manly thing..

2002-09-08 18:47:44 ET living with Nicole!

2002-09-08 18:49:28 ET

Hehe ive got a buick' sale actually

2002-09-08 18:50:35 ET

I knwo how to do that stuff.. YAY FOR NICOLE!!!! she rocks..

2002-09-08 21:07:22 ET

It's good to know how to fix stuff. I'm the one in my house who has to fix stuff. My mom can't even program a VCR. Oi. Me and ZeN put a TV stand together for her last time he was here. Now I think I know why she's not in a huge hurry to get rid of me. LOL!

2002-09-08 21:15:07 ET

I can fix anything that's not a car.

2002-09-08 21:16:20 ET

can you fix my computer so my printer can connect with the computer so i can have a printer.

2002-09-08 21:22:06 ET

I'd be able to if I were there.

2002-09-08 21:25:18 ET


2002-09-09 06:50:21 ET

hum... fixin stuff is good

2002-09-09 16:25:21 ET


2002-09-09 17:22:43 ET


2002-09-10 17:07:30 ET

yay! who hoo!!..oh my..

2002-09-10 20:27:16 ET

haha... yeah..

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