this is..
2002-09-09 16:46:57 ET

....this is my boifriend....

What do you think of him???

2002-09-09 16:55:19 ET

no cuz theres this guy and he's omg hot.. and and and..... Im not saying another word!

2002-09-09 17:00:06 ET


2002-09-09 17:02:27 ET

he's beautiful.... the guy im talking about..... Ill leave it at that... and not just his face either

2002-09-09 17:03:57 ET

no, i have WILL!!! <3 <3 <3

2002-09-09 17:13:37 ET


2002-09-10 10:01:10 ET

rate a bf..they should so have a site for that..

2002-09-10 10:15:50 ET

they should also have rate my ass dot com.. but still.. failure in finding one... i want all guys in the world to see my seksi arse

2002-09-10 10:16:55 ET

lol..why not..they have that undies thing..why not booties

2002-09-10 10:21:27 ET

they have a rate my undies thing?! hmmmmmm O.o

2002-09-10 10:27:24 ET

yeah i dont remember the exact site but i did see something like that

2002-09-10 14:53:50 ET

oh my goodness!!!

2002-09-10 17:08:57 ET

oh my..

2002-09-12 05:07:20 ET

underoos rock

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