I love...
2002-09-10 18:44:38 ET

..this picture of

I think its great..well I'm going to bed now..nite.. I think I'm going to go cry..

2002-09-10 20:23:09 ET

it's a great picture of her but you added a " to the end of her name in the url so it doesn't work. (And I knew who it was before I looked at the url)

2002-09-10 22:17:19 ET

haha, I look like a deer caught in headlights in that one! :)

2002-09-11 05:25:56 ET

and the shadow down your right eye (left if you're looking at the picture) could be seen as a scar. :D

2002-09-11 12:07:13 ET

haha..its great..

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