2002-09-12 13:50:36 ET

If I had a penis....

I'd be a man.

2002-09-12 15:02:12 ET

i got one you can barrow its not gettin any attention anyways.

2002-09-12 15:31:38 ET it detachable?

2002-09-12 19:20:06 ET

with a little help from a knife...ouch

2002-09-13 10:24:22 ET

if you were a girl and had a penis you would be a himafradite..

2002-09-13 11:59:35 ET


2002-09-13 11:59:36 ET


2002-09-16 05:33:41 ET

i cant believe i spelled it like that..what in hell is wrong with me..? i need to go to school..maybe i'll learn how to spell again

2002-09-16 15:44:39 ET


2002-09-17 04:35:54 ET

hooked on phonics

2002-09-17 13:54:47 ET


2002-09-18 05:02:28 ET


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