another day another waste of time...
2002-09-13 11:53:58 ET

Today I got a letter from you . It had a peice of gum in it, I think its laced with anthrax. Also some beads , a sticker a saftey pin and a unicorn eraser! Thank you.
I'm still waiting on a letter from = you .I hope it gets here soon.

I'm going to AJs today, when ever my mom gets home from work. I have the highest grade in my science class 97% . And today they upped my dosage to 30 mg. I did some laundry. I started on my Science homework. I got ninas title to her car to take with me up to Hyndman.

2002-09-13 13:14:26 ET

Congrats on the Science grade, yo.

2002-09-13 13:22:13 ET

no, silly. anthrax is too expensive. :]

2002-09-13 13:34:34 ET

You can have some of mine, Rachel. I got it free in the mail the other day.

2002-09-13 18:28:27 ET


2002-09-13 19:11:19 ET

Eww, I don't feel so well. I probably shouldn't have snorted any. I thought it was coke!

2002-09-13 19:16:38 ET

darn! that happens to me too, sometimes. oh well.

2002-09-14 14:56:52 ET

haha....thanx rachael!

Thanx Sean for the congrats! Its the first time since 5th grade , I had an A in something besides electives.

2002-09-14 16:20:43 ET


2002-09-14 16:24:37 ET

hehe.. be proud, be very proud..

2002-09-14 17:51:18 ET

no problem! :)

2002-09-14 20:06:16 ET


2002-09-15 16:09:50 ET

yes..TRA LA LA!!

2002-09-15 17:28:53 ET

la la la la doh..

2002-09-15 17:39:47 ET

fa la la la la la la la la! little drummer boy!

2002-09-15 17:45:23 ET


2002-09-15 17:46:25 ET

i am hyper..i could cry

2002-09-15 17:47:20 ET

hahaha..thats great...ehehe

2002-09-15 17:50:59 ET

its so true though..

2002-09-15 17:57:57 ET


2002-09-15 18:11:07 ET

yeah..i like food

2002-09-16 15:45:54 ET

yea its ok..gotta eat it to survive I guess..

2002-09-17 12:41:33 ET

yes. well, we could eat styrofoam..but thats no good.

2002-09-17 14:00:42 ET

we could flavor it.

" STYROFOOD!! check your local maket today. There are 5 delisious flavors to chose from : Cheesey baby ! Rancho Denario ! ChoCho Chocolate ! Sexual Strawberry ! and Whats your Beef !. It has to mmmm good styrofoam taste! Fills you up with one bag full! Go get your STYROFOOD today! (=insert cheesy smile here=)"

2002-09-17 16:51:05 ET

YES OH GOB YES! i will run to my local grocer tomorrow!!!

2002-09-17 16:52:45 ET


2002-09-18 23:06:15 ET


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