2002-09-14 20:05:31 ET

I'm about to puke. I think this dude is molesting my mother..she passed out on the couch and hes laying on her and he had his hand up her shirt and I yelled at him. Its pissing me off, my face is so red with anger and I don't know what to do... help?

2002-09-14 20:06:23 ET

thats just fucking weird...well, if he has any morals, he'll never hit a girl, so smack the SHIT out of him and tell him to get out of the fucking house NOW

2002-09-14 20:07:36 ET

They are both drunk, and hes a family friend. And much bigger and my face is burning with anger. and I can't move. I think I'll just stay online all night since the couch is right next to the computer.

2002-09-14 20:10:46 ET

Regardless... slap the shit out of him...whats he gonna do? He lays one hand on you and hes in jail for a looong time, and you can run before he gets a chance. Not joking here

2002-09-14 20:14:49 ET

I can't do shit. Because my mom will throw a fit. If she wakes up in te morn and hes gone, because hes drunk and if he gets picked up it will be my fault, then I'll have to hear my dads shit because noone ever believes me. And I don't want to deal with all of that yelling and screaming.

2002-09-14 20:15:38 ET

Uggh...sorry to hear its shitty round there :(...its NO better here

2002-09-14 20:17:04 ET


2002-09-14 20:55:48 ET

dont take that shit nicole...listen to cyberrpunk..slap the shit out of him...im sure your mom wouldnt care..who cares if hes a family friend...i got molested by my uncle..and hes family...and we disowned him...he is no longer alive to us.

2002-09-14 20:57:44 ET

Like I said, my word over his and no one believes me.

2002-09-14 21:00:39 ET

hurmmmm screw that...if i was there..id smack him!

2002-09-14 21:01:49 ET

seriously....0wn his ass

2002-09-14 21:03:00 ET

hes passed out in my lil bros room now..

2002-09-14 21:03:44 ET

good...are you gonna tell your mom?

2002-09-14 21:07:04 ET

THis is the part wher eyoucrack him over the head with a bat

2002-09-14 21:07:42 ET

why bother...no one will believe me..

2002-09-14 21:09:06 ET

isnt it great being a 'kid'?

2002-09-14 21:15:08 ET

::sigh:: get a video camera next time.

2002-09-14 21:18:19 ET

I have one..it broke..AJ suppose to fix it.

2002-09-14 21:19:17 ET

barrow one from a friend.

2002-09-14 21:25:18 ET

they won't trust me with it..

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