2002-09-14 20:39:39 ET

My house is ghetto. My dad stared to work on it about 6 years ago. This is what has been completed, my room. We extened the house out,Have up wood walls and insalation and wood floor, no carpet( you can REALLY tell its been extended). On one side of our house we dont have siding, and my pourch has yet to be finished, atleast we have steps on it now. My parents room, extended, had wood up and insalation and wood floor no carpet ( as with the living room, you can tell its been extended) if my housewas to lets say, catch on fire, we would get NOTHING insalution isn't worth shit. My house is over 75 yrs old. We have the old metal pipes that like to freeze in the winter. Our toilet to have to keep the handle down til all thw things flush down. My basement is for midgets. My attic has trolls. I like in the middle of nowhere ( slabtown) and all that surounds this shitty little town is WOODS, nothing but woods. I hate to be here by myself at night. I get all paranoid. I hate lots of windows , all of the blinds have to be closed for me.

I have a window problem, but I won't get into that now.

2002-09-14 21:19:46 ET

i don't like windows either, and we have tons of windows in my house and there's no blinds or anything o nthem... and the back of our house is to woods and i'm afraid of it...

2002-09-14 21:20:37 ET


2002-09-14 21:20:39 ET


2002-09-14 21:23:43 ET

at AJs house I use to have to stay in the "BLUE ROOM" it a light blue, light blue carpet, basically a sun room cause off all the freakin windows. I would make him shut all the blinds.

Last night I had to sleep in the blue room, nad he shut the only blind that was open, which was on the sliding glass door, which its a vertical blind. well one to the slits were ope and I couldn't get it to shut, and it freaked me out all night. It took me awhile to get to sleep. Its crazy.

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