clean my friend clean like ytou've never cleaned before!!
2002-09-15 17:53:17 ET

The happy side of things: I cleaned up my room, rearranged it, changed my wall shit. hung up all my show flyers.
Went to babysit at 7:30, got home at 9. finished my room. gave my dog a bath. did some more in my room. Called CLay, found out Krystal got her car today. Clay is bringing my bass chord to me tomorrow after school, after 2 months of having it. then watched some TV and now I'm online.
On a the not so happy side of things: I miss my AJ. His computer is dead, and I can't talk to him every nite :( . Calling would run up the phone bill and my mom would murder me. SAme goes for him, he calls me alot runs the phone bill up his dad will kill him. So I dunno what I'm going to do :( this sux, I really miss him, even though I just seen him Friday and alittle bit saturday.

2002-09-15 18:22:13 ET

awww...ill send you phone cards so you can call AJ =)

2002-09-16 15:47:11 ET

awwww..thanx, but you really don't have to spend your money on something for me you turd...

2002-09-16 17:45:01 ET

hehehe...mmmmmmm...i dunno.

2002-09-17 14:22:05 ET not cool with the whole thing with people buyinh me stuff, im not use to it

2002-09-17 17:22:04 ET

hehe i wont buy it..they come for free in like products..hehe.

2002-09-17 17:24:51 ET

ooooo...freeeeeee......I wish we had free phone card things in products..

2002-09-17 17:25:49 ET

hehehe yea.

2002-09-17 18:46:55 ET


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