Toilet TissueX2
2002-09-16 16:49:52 ET

Hello ladies and Gentleman:
Welcome to name that song! I'm your host NiCole Mix-alot.
Today we have 7 songs for you. You must name the song and who does it. You must get 5 out of seven right to move on the the bonus round..
Saw you in a mag kissin a fag
Saw you in a mag kissin a fag
Saw you in a mag kissin a fag
Saw you in a mag kissin a faggot!!!

Dont smoke
Dont drink
Dont fuck
at least I can fuckin think
I can keep up I cant keep up
out of step with the world
I can't keep up I can't keep up
out of step with the world


Bomb the hippies Oi Oi Oi


rebel girl rebel girl you are the
queen of my world


Always walking down the street
acting like shes oh so sweet
but the truth we all know
shes nothing but an easy hoe

guys go with ease
as she spreads nasty disease
she should be tested
cause she must be infested


friggin in the riggin
friggin in the riggin


today i feel so violent
I wanna break some glass
everyday I feel itd be my last
starin at a blank wall wonderin what to do
starin at a calber .22


please put the number-song-band name

ex: 1). Barmy Army
The Exploited...

you may start now..

2002-09-16 17:58:06 ET

1. Cover of a song by The Wire: Elastica
2.Minor Threat
3. THe casualties
4. rebel girl bikini kill
6. friggin in the riggin Anthrax

hum.. i dont know.. aaaaaaaaahhhhh

2002-09-17 13:53:56 ET

you have got number one wrong..... number 5 number 6 and number 7. I'm sorry, you have lost the game..

2002-09-17 15:06:24 ET

haha.. yeah..

2002-09-17 16:40:08 ET

1) 12 x u- Minor Threat
2) straight edge- Minor Threat
3) Oi! Song- The Casualties
4)Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill
5) Damaged Goods- The Devotchkas
6)Friggin in the Riggin- Sex Pistols
7) Safe Tonight- Anti-Flag

2002-09-17 16:43:51 ET

Minor threat did that song too? did not know that..

2002-09-17 16:56:30 ET

yesum they did massa

2002-09-17 19:24:57 ET


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