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2002-09-17 17:09:16 ET

Today..........I did nothing. School was boring as all hell. Art was ok. People suck. My mom is gone wont be back til 4/5am. I'm home alone. My brother should be home soon. I made a cake. did some laundry and got married. Then got some dinner. Now I'm sitting here in front of the computer talking to people, and myself. in silence, all except the humming of the tower.I have to write a letter to Cyndi. I have to also right a letter to Rachael. AJS ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! *jumps with joy*
Oh my! I'm glad to see " Bomb the Hippies Oi Oi Oi " show up on my screen..yay! This makes me happy. I love my AJ.
Anyone wanna come to the handfasting in about 3/4 yrs???

2002-09-17 17:11:25 ET

me me me me me!

2002-09-17 17:22:52 ET

YAY! I wil be sure to send you an invitation..

2002-09-17 17:28:59 ET

yea me too!! ill be there for sure...hehe maybe by that time..ill be living in the east coast..

soo i'll take it you got my letter?

2002-09-17 18:57:29 ET

yay! you 2 are invited!!

yup, I got it..

2002-09-17 18:58:47 ET

woooweee im invited..im so excited..i just cant hide it!!

yay you got it..sorry it was all sappy and sad..but i had noone to talk to cuz noone was around..and so i just let everything out when i was writing your letter..the next one will be happier =D

2002-09-17 19:03:06 ET

Its cool. I like emotional all out there on the table whine cry sad emo letters..

2002-09-17 19:07:21 ET

=) hehe aww thanks. you're like a best friend i've never had =) hehehe

2002-09-17 19:20:37 ET

awww *blushes*...you are one of my bestestes friends in the whole world....

2002-09-17 19:22:22 ET

hehehe YAY!!!

2002-09-17 19:23:43 ET


2002-09-17 19:28:35 ET


2002-09-18 17:49:35 ET

haha....yea...no just somehting to type..

2002-09-18 18:21:30 ET


2002-09-26 18:26:54 ET

I thought you were talking about cyber married. LOL! That seems to be the big chat room trend these days. hehehe.

Can I come to the handfasting? :D I could make you a special Bridal essence oil for your handfasting gift, hehe (I like aromatherapy).

2002-09-26 18:48:29 ET

hehe..if you want..it wont be for like 2 years though..

2002-09-26 18:49:21 ET

I haven't been able to get into the oils and herbal things yet..I have no where here to buy the things I'd need..and I don't have the money to order it on line...

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