Tear Rebellion..
2002-09-23 13:34:58 ET

Today has just gotten worse. Felt the warm saltly tears run down my face and suicide jumping unto my depressing blue pillow. The snot just kept coming out like a river. It didn't feel any bit better until I felt the silver embrace me. The pain turned into numbness, then the calm fell upon me like a warm blankey of a 3 year old. Laying in my bed, in my temporary calm, the drying of my eyes felt of burning pieces of wood with every blink. Then as fast as the calm came, it disappeared like a stranger in the night. Then the numbness retuened. Then came the pain agian. But this time my river of tears had dried up, as if a lake in a desert during a drought. The tears rebelled agianst my emotions. I ly there in pain, no expression, no emotion, like an inmobile thing. Confused and hurt, it takes control of me, in which it refuses to let me be anything but hurt and confused.......

2002-09-23 17:59:17 ET

ive had that feeling before and it sucks ass =(

2002-09-25 10:26:21 ET

Yea....I can't believe how detailed I made that...

2002-09-25 16:52:55 ET

taken from worst moments, yet amazing in content

2002-09-26 18:30:19 ET

Wow, I can relate to all that. You sound like me - some of your best writing comes from melancholy or anger. LOL. That really was kind of poetic in a woe-is-me kinda way. ;) Careful lest someone think you're a mopey goth! :P

2002-09-26 18:51:14 ET

haha..me goth?..hahahha..my friend Andy is..hes sweet though..

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