Inside Confession
2002-09-30 17:41:16 ET

I can't handle this shit from you anymore
Your a disease without a cure
Your infesting my head with bullshit
I'm know I'm the outcast, just a misfit
You say I'm worhtless
I must confess,
You must be really fucked up
For raisind me in this shit ,in this dump
You this it hurts me to call me those names
Well the numbness came
I don't feel a thing
You're to blame
You're the reason I was put in the psych-ward
You're the reason I thought of hanging myself with that cord
You're the reason I cut my wrist
I couldn't take anymore of your fuckin shit
You think I did it for attention
I did it to release the tension
Do you know how it feels to want to take your own life?
I think not,I wanted to take mine with a kitchen knife
If you knew what it was like you wouldn't act how you do
I fuckin hate you two
The scars on my body are a result of your abuse
I'm not telling you anymore, I refuse
To be the one always hurting, always crying
You're full of shit and always lying
I'll never tell you any of this because you don't deserve to know
I'll just cut myself and let the blood flow
But not anymore not for you!
You're a waste of my time,nothing you say is true
I know this because someones opened my mind
They found feelings that I had thought I had lost in time
They opened my heart, opened me up and found me lost inside
Made me see that I was blind
Showed me true love and gave me hope
Helped me out and helped me cope
I don't need you anymore
You're just an ignorant bore
I'm in love and I think I'll do just fine
He loves me and trys to help me put all of that behind..

2002-09-30 17:47:03 ET

fuck i hate people like that
my past like, 5 entries reflect on shit faces.
i hope things work out
*crosses fingers*
strung out once said
i cant hold up, its bringing me down, i think ill push my luck next time around
basically, my interpretation of that, is seek revenge
lets go seek some revenge shall we?

2002-09-30 17:49:08 ET


2002-09-30 17:58:10 ET

tires will be slashed, eggs will be thrown, forks will be planted.muhahahahah

2002-09-30 18:03:56 ET

glass will be broken, flaming dog poo on steps,...

2002-09-30 18:05:47 ET

and spraypainting of the automobiles, cannot forget that!

2002-09-30 18:10:45 ET

and tomatoeing automobiles, cause the acid in them will eat the paint off them..

2002-09-30 18:16:38 ET

or canned brown beans on a winter day

2002-09-30 18:18:38 ET

yes!..haha.. I'm going to bed now..goodnite.I'm soo tired..

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