2002-10-10 15:08:25 ET

Ok today is shitty. Oh well.
I have no school tomorrow, thats a plus
I need AJ to get online so I can talk to him about tomorrow's plans
I'm bored.
Schools a pain in my ass.
I need to get my CDs from peoples so I have something to fuckin listen too.
I want to make my fuckin german chocolate cake, but I can't cause my dad has some dead animal in the fuckin oven.
..ok now I can make it.
I'm fuckin bored, theres nothing to do.
I have no inspirations for drawing tonight
none for painting.
So I'm pretty much shit outta luck....oh my..well I'm going to go make my cake and let my lil bro on here. I'll be back on around 9:30/10pm eastern time ;)

2002-10-10 21:58:59 ET

awww darn i missed ya! im gonna email you right now!

2002-10-11 11:52:04 ET

eeeeeeee long time no talk baby. i'll expect a big ass update of what u've been up to on my page...stat! haha.

2002-10-13 16:29:55 ET

eye eye Captn'!

2002-10-15 04:30:15 ET

hahh good good. that will do for now...dun dun dun.
the new pics are all snazy and digital and what not. haha

2002-10-15 14:17:41 ET


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