ohh..I'm in loveeeeeee..
2002-10-17 17:05:23 ET

Ooooooo.. I <3 CSI....it makes me so happy :D
Its my favorite show to watch..I HAVE to watch it every thursday or I feel lost without it.
I looked up forensics...and I found a 4 year course at a near by college .. Its Forensic Chemisty, and you comne out with a Bachcler in Science....
I don't know if I could handle four years of college..
so I have two things I could do...
2 years- photography
4 years- Forensic Chemisty
....oh well..
I <3 CSI... I cna't hink of anyone who wouldn't like it...

2002-10-17 17:10:32 ET

Did you just watch it? I just did! That show is the SHIIIITTT!!!

2002-10-17 17:12:48 ET

I take the boring kind of forensics.. [debate team]... hmm.

I was gonna watch CSI, but decided to watch Will and Grace instead. What was the episode about?

2002-10-17 17:21:19 ET

Some dwarf was murdered and some dude got bludgeoned with a video game system.

2002-10-17 17:22:14 ET

Forensics is great! Don't you guys have acting events?

2002-10-17 17:23:46 ET

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Getting bludgeoned with a video game system.. now that's original.

And yes.. I haven't done any yet though :P

2002-10-17 17:26:22 ET


2002-10-17 17:56:56 ET

The acting events are the best. They are so not boring.

2002-10-17 18:14:48 ET

...................................I'm in love with CSI..........

2002-10-17 18:20:50 ET

Whoooooooo are you?

Who Who, Who Who?

2002-10-17 18:28:49 ET

? ??? ???? ???? I dunno....... ?? ?? ??? ??? ?????

2002-10-17 18:31:38 ET


2002-10-17 18:37:28 ET


2002-10-17 22:17:42 ET

ok im lost. whats CSI?

2002-10-18 05:51:07 ET

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

It's a cool show on CBS.

2002-10-18 07:54:05 ET

Yes it is. It would also be an awesome job to have!!.
CSI is = Crime Scene Investigation if you are talking about it as a whole..
if its one person doing it at a time..like one person on a scene..then its a Crime Scene Investigator.. :D

2002-10-18 09:18:10 ET

OooOo ok =)

2002-10-22 16:22:50 ET


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