boys are mean
2002-10-22 16:37:02 ET

Is it just me or do guys suck ?? :(
Krystal and AJ came up today.
We hung out in my room for awhile, things were good. Then we went to BK to get some fries. We were all joking around and stuff. then we went to the car, me and AJ wrestled over the front seat. I won.
Well he acted all pissed off and called me a Brat. And told me I was selfish. Then I turned around and said
" Well if someone was in the back with me, I wouldn't mind at all. Its lonely back there, cause the two people in the front carry on their own conversation, and its not like I could get in on it anyway, not even if I wanted too, because you turn the music up so loud I can't hear. I think you should share. You always ride shotgun. You never let anyone else up there. You should let a chick ride shotgun anyway."
and I said alittle more along th lines of that.
then he flipped out on me and told me to shut the fuck up, that he didn't want to hear my fuckin mouth. So I shut up. For the whole 20/30 mins from BK to my house. I didn't say anything. I was and I'm not mad at him for yelling at me like he did, I'm just upset. He hurt my feelings. I just wanted to jump out of the car. I was about to too.
We only seen each other for 3 hours and we got into a fight.
Thats not good. thats bad.
I don't know. Maybe we need a break from each other?? I dunno... I just don't know. We need to figure out something soon before both of us gets hurt....

2002-10-22 23:48:58 ET

Your bf sounds like a horrible person... 'i dont want to here your mouth!!' if someone said that to me or got realy annoyed coz I was riding shotgun.........

2002-10-28 16:57:34 ET

??..he said he wasen't mad..but It felt different

2002-10-28 19:43:18 ET

awwwww poor poor nicole....i love you!!

yea..maybe you guys might need just a little break..not a long one =)

2002-10-29 14:05:20 ET

yea..well things are working out pretty good. Cyndi, the entry you read that got you scared...thats made us bond and become very more fighting..we cant waste our energy on that anymore..

2002-10-29 14:22:47 ET


2002-10-29 14:26:20 ET


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