What you dont know...
2002-10-28 17:19:21 ET

Ok, I haven't been on for awhile mainly because I've been busy. Also because the other day I got myself into deep shit with things I can't handle.
Me and Krystal decided to visit this haunted. Well lets say we got into alittle more than we bargained.
Let me say this before I begin.... Don't go hunting for ghost because you may not like what you find or they may not like you...
So we hear about this house, don't want to go into the story and I'm not going to say much on it.. the less you know the better off you are, so we decided to get our friend because he is a spiritualist. We go into the house..and he gets a horrible feeling about, so we don't go down. We go up stairs... we get to the second door, he tells us to turn around and walk calmly and we're done to go outside. He looks through the basement and tells us to go to the car. He tells us about all of it.
Last night he was "attacked", krystal was "attacked" and this morning I woke up drained. By the way I am a Wiccan. I have not shared this in here before.
Today me and Krystal were drawn to the house, we just drove past it.. I was sick from then on, except here at my house.
I plan on not sleeping tonight. I do not have the power,training or experience to deal with these, nor do the 3 of us combined, 2 wiccans and a spiritualist.
I am not planning on getting online anymore until a week after the 31st. I need to restore myself, emotionally ,energenically and spiritually before the 31st, I have 2 days. I need to give myself then a week after to make sure its safe.
I hope to talk to you all soon.
I know you probably think I'm full of shit, but I'm being truthful.
Blessed be!

2002-10-28 17:27:13 ET

Good luck.. and i will be sending energy your way.. you will know when you get it..
i know you three can pull through..
Blessed be!

2002-10-28 19:48:11 ET

awww scary..im just scared sitting here in CA.. =(

good luck nicole!

2002-10-29 14:03:51 ET

Thank you Crys.. either I already got your energy or Brians strength symbol under my pillow helped considering I only slept for and hour because it was outside my window and didn't leave til 5am

Cyndi..thank you hun.. you think you were scared just hearing the little bit I told you..if you heard the rest you'd be scared shitless...

Remember just because you can't or haven't seen it doesn't mean its not there or doesn't exsist.....

2002-10-29 14:24:19 ET

yea i know =)

2002-10-29 14:25:38 ET


2002-10-29 16:11:38 ET

yeah.. i slept lots.. not energy.. figured you needed much more..
it needs to leave you alone..

2002-11-01 11:05:16 ET

its not going to... they don't leave people alone.. trust me. my b/f encountered one 2 years ago..and hes still dealing with it...Brians has had them eversince he was little...Brians mom dealt in the Black arts 1st..then awhile after she had brian, she had a change in view and became wiccan and she died a year ago and the ones that wanted her are still at his house trying to get in...

2002-11-01 11:05:32 ET

What did you send me then?

2002-11-01 13:52:05 ET

oops.. i ment no energy.. i sent it all to you.. you needed much more than i did..

2002-11-01 13:55:52 ET

niCole i love you

2002-11-01 14:08:06 ET

here you go hot stuff!

2002-11-05 09:16:52 ET

WOO HOO!! thank you Cyndi.. I'll make one for you in Comm. Tech class.. my picture with a fake paper..make it look like I just did it.. edit the pic.. :D

Crys thank you so much..it did help me alot..

2002-11-05 09:18:03 ET

hahaha oh JOYS!!! hey i might come to washington dc in Dec

2002-11-05 09:19:13 ET

heh..thats like 3 hours aways from me..

2002-11-05 09:21:30 ET

d'oh. go read Mofospider's page. =) im a happy little girl.

2002-11-05 09:24:23 ET


2002-11-05 10:54:26 ET

Glad to help.. :)

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