2002-11-05 09:33:12 ET

things have been going good...
Krystals mom and Stepdad want to go see the Misfits.. so me Krystal , AJ and Clay are probably going with them. It only cost 20bux for tickets..the only thing is that in the venue its cant take pictures... sux.. but I'll get to see the misfits..fuckin right!!.. makes me happy..
I'm waiting for Clay to come...
he and AJ are ahving band practice I'm going down to hang out with Krystal...
I need cigarettes..clay needs to get here soon.. I also need to go to the bank...I hope he doesn't forget me.. He had to go to cumberland who knows..oh well.. Krystal will come get me when she gets off work then..
I had no school today... I'm fuckin bored.. I need to clean my room...
I been doing alot of paintings and drawings for people. I think I fuckin suck, but they keep telling me I'm really good... oh well..what do they know..

2002-11-05 09:36:31 ET

i dunt know these people. *wave... no cigarettes... their icki!! *puke. badbababbdbadbabdabdbabdbabdbadbabbdabd!!!

2002-11-05 09:37:11 ET

do a painting/drawing for me =D pwease =)

oh yes..hide a camera in your..umm crotch =) hehe thats what i do..the diposable cameras..i keep them inthe wrapper..but it there..and i walk in..go to bathroom ..and whhhalllaaa! camera inside venue. =D

umm you never heard that from me =) hehe

2002-11-05 09:38:09 ET

hehe....just need the nicotine.. I actully could go with no cigarettes.. easily..I just would like one at the moment..I have no I need something of comfort..

2002-11-05 09:39:13 ET

drink rootbeer... better. im comfort. *lovie lovie lovie

2002-11-05 09:39:27 ET

I don't think I can do that..because I'll need the flash..and plus I don't want to get kicked out..and then everyone else have to go because I was a dumbass.. I don't want to ruin the night for everyone else...

2002-11-05 09:40:47 ET

hahaha oOOo ive done it pleanty of times..if you're in the crowd you just do it real quick..they cant catch you...dun dun dun..but its ok =) only a suggestion.

2002-11-05 09:41:28 ET

okies.. thanx..

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