yup yup..
2002-11-07 10:39:31 ET

I just called AJ.. he seemed mad so I asked him..and he said he was..so I asked him what he was doing.. he said " filling out and applecation" I asked " for where?".. he said " martins.".. I was like oh...he said he'd call me back. I think maybe I did something I dunno..oh well..
anyway..got my project for the school webpage almost done today..now all I have to do is think of a catchy phrase about the band having new uniforms...
skipping school tomorrow..

2002-11-07 11:22:20 ET

skipping school is bad..hehehe..

awww i hope you and AJ will be ok =)

2002-11-07 18:37:21 ET

We always are... :D
no no... no since in going to school tomorrow.. will explain later..

2002-11-07 18:39:07 ET

okie doke =)

2002-11-07 18:39:49 ET

goodnitey nite nite...
Wet dreams and Sweet nightmares =)

2002-11-07 18:42:30 ET

good nite sweety!!

2002-11-10 13:55:26 ET


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