2002-11-17 16:49:31 ET

1)Guess whos going to see the Misfits on thursday??? ... come on.. now guess....
Krystal, her mom and step-dad,Clay, AJ and I are!! hehe.. makes me soo happy. I can't wait! **sings:I'm so excited and I just can't hide it I know I know I wanna see the misfits!! ** Oh god! I can't wait! I'm gunna give Jerry a kiss on the cheek! Krystal and I want to get a picture with Jerry with each of us kissing his cheek! Wouldn't that be fuckin awesome!?!? ... Krystals mom said, that it said on the flyer, no cameras, but we are taking one just incase and gunna ask at the door. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, its so great!!!
2)And wait, theres more! AJ came to my house and him and my dad talked and my dad gave him a hug..not once but 3 fuckin times! I about shit myself! Its great! ...
3)Don't stop yet, theres more!!
I'm going to Boston,Mass. this summer and Krystals coming with me!! We're gunna visit Salem!!
4)Oh its not over yet!
I might be able to go to Ireland with Krystal and her mom if it doesn't cost all that much and it'll be a late b-day present from the parentals!!Ahhhh... isn't it great?...
5)My favorite parts though.. are parts 1 and 2 of this entry!

2002-11-17 16:51:57 ET

you lucky shithead...i wanna see the fits. take pictures for me.

2002-11-17 16:55:30 ET

hehe.. its only 20 bux a ticket at the Metropol in Pittsburgh,PA. I will take some if I'm aloud to. I'm not going to if we aren't aloud, don't wanna get kicked out. Oooo I can't wait. Thursday is going to take forever to get here. :( ... Krystals Step-dad loves the misfits, he told us about it and offered to take us all. K's mom has no idea who they are, she's just going to go. ahhhhhhhh I can't wait!!

2002-11-17 16:57:39 ET

i wish good stuff happened to me.

2002-11-17 17:02:44 ET

this is the best to happen.. I want to kiss Jerry.
K and AJ went a few weeks ago, its was only Joey,Dez and Jerry, and Jerry held her hand and called her darlin... and AJ..haha.. he was like " WOOO HOO!!! JERRY STEPPED ON ME!!!!" haha..its was excited that jerry stepped on him.

2002-11-17 17:05:12 ET


2002-11-17 17:06:00 ET

hehehe...I know!! Its contagious!!

2002-11-17 18:49:45 ET

awwww YAY!!


2002-11-18 06:36:42 ET

OK maybe it's cuz I'm old and stuck in my ways but...to me it's just never been the Misfits after Glenn Danzig left. His voice MADE that band. At least back in the day. :( I saw them twice back then though. I got a pic of one of them...I think it's Doyle - walking by me. It came out good. If I can ever find my power supply cable to the scanner, I'll scan and post it.

Oh and DO look me up when you come to Boston! I rule Salem!!! I will take you to all the kewl places! :D

2002-11-18 15:04:49 ET

i like old misfits and new. the misfits own me. haha, i used to be able to play nearly every older misfits song that i have on cd..and i have like 4 or 5 of those..and the 3 new ones.

2002-11-18 15:59:41 ET

Terror= yeah, it wasen't the same with out Glenn, but tis the same with all bands. My b/f thinks they sound better without him. I'd like to see the picture:D
And I will look you up! Hehe. I'll tell you around that time when I'm coming up and then get your number and whatnot ;)

Mikey= shhh...

Cyndi lou who whoooo= yes yes mine to my dear, mine too.

2002-11-18 16:06:49 ET

why the "shhh"?

2002-11-18 16:16:49 ET

cause I didn't know what to say to you.

2002-11-18 16:47:43 ET

haha. oh.

2002-11-20 10:51:55 ET


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