My 1st day
2002-05-16 11:55:41 ET

Hmmm, today is my first time on here. I'm figuring things out. This is kinda fun. School sucked today. I just wanted everyone to die. Had my friends baby here last night and didn't get any sleep.

2002-05-16 15:14:00 ET

ka ka

2002-05-16 16:45:45 ET


2002-05-16 16:56:49 ET

startin afresh?

2002-05-16 17:37:54 ET

oh this is LOTS of fun. baby = cute little pain in the ass

2002-05-17 15:03:33 ET

babies = cute, if they arent yours and u dont have to live with them

2002-05-17 17:43:31 ET

heh...babies taste good.

2002-05-17 17:54:24 ET

:o MEAN.... babies do not taste good... They are sweet lil innocent beings ~sniff~

Look At ME baby if you can see it >.< if it works<BR>

2002-05-17 17:56:11 ET

cant see it

2002-05-17 17:56:35 ET

DAMN ME AND ALL OF SATANS ANGELS!!!!!!!!! Ill get that shit to work, I swear it i will >.<

2002-05-17 18:02:48 ET

Hey..write this shit on my new journal entry.

2002-05-17 22:39:34 ET

haha still trying to figure out the HTML anti laci?

2002-05-18 11:19:51 ET

yes ~sniff~

2002-05-19 08:12:53 ET

My entry is gone?

2002-05-19 10:08:08 ET

Sorry, I accidently erased computer crazy...

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