2002-11-22 11:19:23 ET

Just got home. IT WAS FUCKIN AWESOME!!!... It was reallly great. I just got squashed, and thats sucks when your short. At the begining I got some good pictures. I'll show them as soon as I get them scanned. Me and AJ got a picture of us and Jerry, he signed my ticket. I couldn't find Dez and noone could find marky. During the show a security gaurd punched a kid in the face and Jerry got all pissed and said " Don't ever punch kids in the face. I'll have you locked up if I see that agian. Better yet, I'll fuckin kick your ass! I don't ever want to see that agian!!" and he like yelled at the guy for a good 10 mins. I had a blast!! ( first big show I was ever at). Oh my. I'm so happy! I'm sore, really sore, but it was worth it!! Yess indeed, doing it agian sometime soon. Jerry is very big, and he doesn't look as old in person as he does in pix. Hes a very nice guy too. He stayed until everyone that wanted something signed got it signed. It was great! Still in shock! still excited and Hyper!!! I promise to post the pix as soon as I get them scanned, which will probably be monday!

2002-11-22 11:41:58 ET

YaY!!! im glad you had a good time!!

2002-11-22 11:44:35 ET

i went to the misfits show near where i live and it was so much fun
i had to leave early though :( glad you had a good time!

2002-11-22 12:04:39 ET

its all about danzig

2002-11-22 12:34:26 ET

Cyndi= thanx ! It was fun

ChowChowMein= Awesome. At least you got to see them though! Jerry is really good looking for an old man..hehe.. I had a blast, I'mma do it agian probably next year when they are close agian!

Acasualtie= (/b)Yeah, they were good with Danzig, but they are just as good with Jerry singing.. hes actully pretty good and hes really nice.

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