Sick and Miserble.......
2002-11-22 17:32:18 ET

i'm sick.. it made me pictures back from show.. some turned out nice.. some are dark.. gunna scan the dark ones and try to lighten them... tired, but must wait for AJ to get online... sux...

2002-11-22 19:09:17 ET

mmmm pictures.

2002-11-24 13:12:12 ET

yeah... Cyndi, if I sent you the negatives could you try to see what you could do with them?

2002-11-24 18:37:29 ET

you mean make a reprint??

shit i gotta send the letters...ive just been sicky and depressed 5 letters waiting to be sent out or on my dresser.

2002-11-24 18:40:42 ET

yea.. reprint..
:( no wonder I had no letter..

2002-11-24 18:44:20 ET

yea i know im sorry...i'll send them tomorrow i PROMISE!! cuz now im in a better mood than i was yesterday :)

2002-11-25 17:56:56 ET


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