2002-11-24 17:37:00 ET

...my dad made me get rid of my dog :( .. I've been crying like a baby. I feel stupid for getting this upset.... I'm attached to him.. we've had him for 4 years.. and hes always slept with me and tagged around with me... now hes not there to follow me , sleep with me or bother me.. this sux... this is the 3rd animal my dad has made me get rid of...
5 years old.. had to get rid of our dog Sheba who got shot at the farm where she was given home to..
15years old.. had to get rid of my cat I have for 6/7 years..
17years old.. had to get rid of my dog....
this is shitty.. I'm still crying..

2002-11-24 17:38:41 ET

Im sorry :( Why did u have to get rid of ur doggie? :(

2002-11-24 17:39:44 ET

he liked to potty in the pantry and my dads room.. but if I could I'd potty in my dads room too... my dad was mean to the dog..

2002-11-24 17:41:06 ET

That's not kool being mean to animals. Did he even try and prevent it at all, say like dog training lessons and such?

2002-11-24 17:52:58 ET


2002-11-24 19:58:23 ET

awwww i sorry nicole!!

2002-11-25 06:11:25 ET


2002-11-25 17:54:45 ET

....he was running to the bus stop to greet me today :( ....when i got back from hyndman, he wasen't here jumping all over me letting me know he missed me :( ... I keep crying..
I feel like such a pussie..

2002-12-02 13:24:35 ET

Go ahead and cry. You're not a pussy. Animals have feelings too. I bet the dog misses you too. :(

2002-12-05 07:48:11 ET

:( i don't think the people said he hasen't whined or anything hes hyper with the kids..

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