Parents can fuckin blow me!!!
2002-05-17 17:39:35 ET

Hmm, well lets see. Last night my dad started a fight with me over a chair, then him and my mom double teamed me.(fuckers) they told me the usual "I hate you anymore" "you were an accident" " I can't stand you" " your a whore" "its all your fault" " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!".. ( which by the way, that last one is said every now and then, they just end up draggin me back, so whats the since in leaving?). So I called AJ last night, my boifriend, and his mom was going to get me that night, but I had to go to school this morning. SO they picked me up after school. On the bright sunny hippie-happy side of things, I was with AJ from 4pm til 9pm. I felt so great and soooo happy!He's about the only reason I haven't done myself in yet. We went to our friends and his grrrlfriend was there, which is my best friend handed me some seeds (.....) and I ate them (nasty!yuck!). then I got a buzz, then I was done. AJ and I ended up having to walk to his house in the rain. We got soakin wet, but it was fun. Then it was time to come home, the ride home was sad cause I hate having to come home, its so depressing.

( ps: had sex 2 times today!, made feel alot better and made me really happy!)

2002-05-17 17:43:12 ET

Sounds like something good came out of a bad day, huh?


2002-05-17 17:56:22 ET

That sucks with your parents. I know the feeling.:( My mom says the same things to me.

I think the pics of you and your BF are really cute.

You're lucky. I want sex.

2002-05-17 18:01:18 ET


2002-05-17 18:03:07 ET

youre welcome:)

2002-05-17 18:06:21 ET


2002-05-17 18:24:47 ET


2002-05-17 18:31:13 ET

Oh my..

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