2002-05-17 18:04:52 ET

Ok.. I wrote that all half-assed cause I was doing 50 million things at once.... ajs mom couldn't really come pick me up last night, but I got to spend time with him today. My moms a bitch. My dads a worthless fuckin peice pf shit alcoholic....and they make me feel bad about myself... that basically sums it all up.

2002-05-17 18:15:45 ET

awwwwwwwwww cole, I love you gurly, you're my baby, dont you EVER think bad about yourself because you are one of the most beautiful people Ive ever met in my entire life and i love you to death...

2002-05-17 18:18:01 ET

Thank you. I loves you too.

2002-05-17 18:18:26 ET

hehe YAY me babygurl loves me :)

2002-05-17 18:19:16 ET

Yes, I always have and always will.

2002-05-17 18:20:23 ET

=oD you makes me smile cola! heh

2002-05-17 18:23:12 ET


2002-05-17 19:08:44 ET

thats shitty. im sorry. but at least you got to see him

2002-05-17 19:18:45 ET

yeah and if she didnt getta see him she could come give her Lola some LOVINZ!

2002-05-17 22:31:38 ET

you had sex?
my loins burn now.
i swear there is a driving force out here helping me NOT get any loving.

2002-05-18 04:51:59 ET

MmmmmmHmmmmmmm.......Sex is great when your b/f always gets you off more than once in one sex session!

2002-05-18 09:51:34 ET

hahaha isnt it always.

2002-05-18 11:24:27 ET

COLE dont talk about AJ getting off, makes me jealous :P hehe

2002-05-18 11:29:00 ET


2002-05-18 11:30:26 ET

hehe.... so lets get to the part where you and i have multiple orgasms together, shall we ?

2002-05-18 11:32:17 ET

haha...well, come to md to my house and maybe .....

2002-05-18 11:33:55 ET

=oO Cola! hehe.... dont tease >.<

2002-05-18 11:34:33 ET

:D...but I do what I am...

2002-05-18 11:35:20 ET

....... Cole.... Im mad........................... you got a pic of erin in your friends................but not of me.........i see how it is........... ='o(

2002-05-18 11:39:00 ET

I don't have pic on my computer or any disk at the moment

2002-05-18 11:40:44 ET

:P good excuse ~gives her the evil eye~

2002-05-18 11:46:53 ET

:(...but bbbut but..:(

2002-05-18 11:50:01 ET

awwwwwww I loves ya Cole baby gurl :)

2002-05-18 11:53:07 ET

:D I loves you too!

2002-05-18 11:53:28 ET

Where are ya guna come visit me??

2002-05-18 11:54:42 ET

I dunno O.o ..... soon I hopes :D

2002-05-18 11:56:58 ET

Well let me know about when, make it in the summer I'll be home...

2002-05-18 11:59:19 ET

lol wait til my shoulder is fixed so we can hump madcore style ;)

2002-05-18 12:02:14 ET

haha..yeah baby!

2002-05-18 12:06:03 ET

hehe ~gets horny just thinking about it~ hey cole do you still got that one gf?

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